WordPress – How to turn off Auto Save and Revisions?

The Autosave and Revision functions of WordPress are one of those “features” the coders of WordPress must have thought we couldn’t live without, because they didn’t give us a way to manage their function. Not even a decent plugin can control all of the disabling/enabling of both nor the interval of the Autosave.

The only thing we could do with a plugin is to disable the Autosave, but that will only fix half of our problems. We still can’t control Autosave intervals and we can turn on/off revisions. Both of these items require editing a WordPress file which is a big no-no to most programmers.

The mainstream thought to coding for WordPress is, if you don’t like how it works, make a plugin, widget or make/modify a theme to do what you want, but never modify the WordPress files. In this instance we don’t have a choice so why bother with half of the solution being in a plugin and the other half in editing a WordPress file. I say just edit the file.

Change the Autosave Interval
In the wp-settings.php file on line 527 you will see the following line:

define( 'AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 60 );

Change 60 to the number of seconds you wish to set the interval to.

Disable Autosave
add the following line in wp-setting.php on line 528


Now autosave will be disable.
Note: If you are going to disable the Autosave there is no need to mess with the interval.

Turn revisions off
In the wp-setting.php file on line 576 you will see the following line

$default_constants = array( 'WP_POST_REVISIONS' => true );

Change true to false and it will be disabled.

With this set to false a single revision will still be created for each update. however this revision record will continue to be overwritten with each save. So there will no longer be a revision-1, revision-2, etc… There will only be the single revision entry.

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