WordPress – Starter Themes

Blank WordPress themes are a great way to start out your theme. It gives you the complete foundation and the biggest step required to making a WordPress theme.

WordPress themes can contain some of the following files:

    Important Template Files (there are more then whats listed)

  • 404.php – This file is used to keep people on your site instead of displaying a browser error page, which will help keep traffic on your site
  • search.php – This file is used to display the search results of a search made within your site
  • archive.php – This file is sort of a catch all, it will display the results of categories and terms
  • single.php – This file is used to display a single post from any category, post type or term
  • page.php – THis file is used to display a page
  • home.php – This file is used to create a home/landing page instead of displaying a list of recent posts as most blogs do by default
  • The Below Files are included within the above template files for better uniformity of displaying that data

  • sidebar.php – This file is included into various other template files to display the sidebar
  • header.php – This file is used to define the html doc type, add scripts and css and the html header of the theme
  • footer.php – This file is used to close the html doc and add the html footer of the theme
  • comments.php – This file is used to display comments of a post or page and create the comments form
  • searchform.php – This file is used to create the search form

I use the starter themes from – refueled.net
There are 3 themes available there – Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar and Two Sidebars

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