What are CSS Sprites and What are their Advantages

A CSS Sprite is a single image with all of your web sites images combined into a single image. If you have image A and image B you combined them to make image C, and define the HTML tag size to be the size of the original image (image A or B) and the define...

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CSS – Hide Text and display a Image

Converting Plain Text The CSS Code span.image { background: url(/images/bamboo.jpg) no-repeat; /* url to image */ width:100px; /* actual image width */ height:100px; /*actual image height */ text-decoration:none; display:block; font-size:0px; }...

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CSS – Horizontal Dropdown Menu’s

I have been trying to find a way to implement some drop down menus similar to the ones on on my store. However I was unable to use the ones from my store because the code is in ASP and my hosting is in PHP. So my search began and my choice was to use the...

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